Carry On...and Stay Home

It’s the sign of the times and as clear a message as any in a time when mixing messages has become an art form in itself. So, we’re going with it. We’re carrying on. We’ve lit up the sign and we’re lighting up the stage, one light at a time. We’re building sets and flats and doors and windows and stairs leading nowhere. We’re carrying on with the magic of theatre. But we’re doing it without an audience – for now. As much as we can’t wait to put on a show, we have to. We’ve made that choice so our audience doesn’t have to. So our members don’t have to. So our generous donors don’t have to. We wanted to open, even just once, before the end of the year. But it wouldn't be right.

So…we’ll see you next year. In The Wings. We miss you. Stay safe.


Theatre in The Wings is an intimate, 45-seat storefront performance venue located in a beautifully restored historic building at 30 Bridge Street East in downtown Belleville, perfectly suited for live theatre, music, comedy, and film. It will be the new permanent home of River & Main, a small, independent theatre company founded in 2016 in order to produce and promote work by local theatre creators and to present their work to audiences in the Quinte Region.




River & Main Theatre Company received financial assistance from the City of Belleville through the Belleville Community Arts & Culture Fund.

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